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June 2019

Found 12 blog entries for June 2019.

For most of us, there comes a time in our lives when we’re ready to shed the dorm style vibes for a more sophisticated, adult-looking aesthetic. But an adult aesthetic doesn’t have to mean ultra-formal dining rooms and fancy furniture that you’re afraid to sit on; it just means a thoughtful, cohesive space that looks like you put some time and effort into it. 

No matter your style sensibilities, there are a number of common tricks and tips that you can apply to make your home look like an adult lives there without sacrificing your unique personal style and aesthetic preferences. So, if you’re ready to go full-on interior grown-up, then apply one (or all) of the following tips to your home this weekend. 


Up Your Storage Game

Floating Shelves Space Saving Storage

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You probably already know that big cities like San Francisco and New York offer extensive public transportation systems that make it a easy to get from point A to point B without a car, but these cities also come with some of the highest costs of living in the country and super saturated job markets. 

That’s why Money Crashers rounded up a list of alternative cities that typically offer more job opportunities and lower costs of living than their more popular counterparts in addition to public transit and bike-sharing systems that make bopping around the city car-free a breeze.

If you love the idea of being free from the cost and energy burden of a car, then consider calling one of the following cities home. 

1. Minneapolis,

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Joseph Eichler is a post-war real estate developer who’s most famous for building high-quality, modernist homes on a large scale. According to his son, Eichler was inspired to develop well-crafted modernist homes for the masses after living in a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Seeking to make these homes more accessible to the middle class, Eichler developed over 11,000 modernist tract homes in California, which were aptly dubbed “Eichlers”.

The famously liberal Eichler was also the first large-scale tract builder to sell his homes to minorities, stepping down from the National Association of Home Builders in 1958 to protest its racially discriminative policies and practices.

Eichler enlisted prominent architects to

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A-Frame homes possess a unique, homespun charm that feels equally expansive and welcoming. Their steep-pitched roofs and simple organic construction give them an elegant yet unassuming appearance on the outside, while their open floor plans and high ceilings provide a world of style opportunities on the inside.

And while interior style possibilities are quite literally endless, many people like to style A-Frame homes with their unique architecture in mind, enhancing their elegant and organic simplicity with complementary design and decor.

The following tips will help you elevate your aesthetic while paying homage to the unique style of A-Frame architecture

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Renovated A Frame Cabin in the Woods
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The open floor plan that’s

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Chinatown in San Francisco is the largest Chinese enclave outside of Asia and the oldest Chinatown in North America. Centered on Stockton Street and Grant Avenue, the neighborhood boasts a rich history and highly influential culture.

In the mid-19th century, Chinatown was a port of entry for Chinese immigrants, particularly those from Guangdong province. These immigrants settled near Dupont Street, now called Grant Ave. However, the U.S. didn’t welcome them with open arms; in fact, the neighborhood was the only region where Chinese people were allowed to inherit and inhabit dwellings in the city.

Historical Chinatown San Francisco

Source: history.com

Early Chinese immigrants were predominantly men, with the reported Chinese population in California

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If you love minimal Scandinavian design and hand-crafted artisan goods, then prepare to meet your new favorite furniture collection. This month, IKEA launched Annanstans, a decor and apparel (!) line that blends modern design with artisan craftsmanship.

The line is helmed by designer Martin Bergstrom and features work from artisans in Romania, Thailand, and India. The collection ranges from decorative objects, like wooden mushrooms and banana-fiber baskets, to apparel and accessories, like flowy kaftans and scarves.

What’s particularly cool about the collection is that each item is truly handmade, so no two are exactly the same. It also means that the collection is limited—once the items are gone, that’s it. According to

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If you’re lucky enough to live in a historic home, then you already know that they possess a unique charm that only comes with a history of standing strong. However, one of the drawbacks of longstanding homes is that they often need to be repaired and restored to ensure they continue to hold strong for years to come.

Restoring a historic home involves a lot of important considerations around materials, techniques, and structural integrity. Plus, there are aesthetic factors to consider, like how to ensure the home looks polished and cared-for without sacrificing its historic charm.

If you’re looking to restore a historic home but aren’t sure where to start, then let the following tips guide your way.

Start With a

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In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by the newest, shiniest thing, it can be incredibly nourishing to spend time in the historic neighborhoods that laid the foundation for this country. The following ‘hoods span from the East to the West Coast and they’re widely coveted for their stunning architecture, rich culture, and overall historic charm.


Austin - Clarksville

Clarksville Austin Texas
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Located just west of downtown near Lady Bird Lake, Clarksville is a historic district largely comprised of Late Victorian- and Craftsman-style homes. The district dates back to the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865 when then-Governor Pease donated the land to some of his former slaves. It’s named after Charles Clark, who, In 1871, helped to establish

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If you’re like so many people who love the warmth and vitality that plants add to an aesthetic but you tend to kill anything green that comes your way, then prepare to fall in love with this new gadget/app combination that lets you connect with nature in the most literal sense.

FYTA Beam is a new smart plant sensor that allows you to essentially get text messages from your plants about their overall health and happiness. All of you have to do is insert the little sensor into your plant baby and download an app, then you’ll get updates on the plant’s moisture, nutrition levels, light intensity, soil fertility, and temperature.

fvta beam the smart plant sensor
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And not only does the gadget give you all of the information you need

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Given his massively influential and prolific work, it’s pretty difficult not to know who Frank Lloyd Wright is. Among the most prominent American architects in history, Wright designed more than 1,000 structures in addition to being an interior designer, writer, and educator.

Wright attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for just two semesters before deciding to study architecture in the more practical setting of an architectural firm. After leaving school in 1887, he moved to Chicago where he worked as an architectural detailer under J.L. Silsbee, a prominent architect whose masterful sketches are thought to have influenced the sharp lines of Wright designs. From there, Wright went on to work in the architectural firm of

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