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May 2019

Found 13 blog entries for May 2019.

Featured: Backcountry Hut Company

As much as technological advances add convenience and ease to our lives, the constant connection and beeps, buzzes, and pings vying for our attention can take their toll on our mental and spiritual well-being. Perhaps that’s why a growing population of people is choosing to unplug in a major way and pursue off-the-grid living.

In addition to providing peace of mind, living off the grid also tends to be much more affordable than traditional living, due in part to prefabricated home kits that make setting up a residence relatively cheap and easy.

Typically featuring log cabin and A-frame styles, prefabricated homes are delivered in kits that can be constructed from the ground up for a fraction of the time and money

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Source: ocregister.com

 This Friday, May 31, Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim will open one of Disneyland’s most anticipated attractions: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The 14-acre “planet" is the largest single-themed Disneyland attraction in history and has been in development for nearly five years.

The attraction takes place on an imagineer-designed planet called Batuu, which has not previously been depicted in other visual media but has appeared in some Star Wars novels. The design team opted to create a new planet rather than one that participants have already seen in order to build new Star Wars stories, allowing visitors to partake in a new narrative.

The development team traveled to Istanbul, Morocco, and Jerusalem, studying

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Source: etsy.com

Etsy offers a treasure trove of compelling home decor and interior design items, so it makes sense that the company would have its finger on the pulse of all things trendy in the interior space. Recently, Etsy released its top interior trends of 2019, basing its findings on Etsy search data, seller creations, and buyer preferences.

From whimsical prints to nostalgic designs, applying the following trends is a great way to give your abode a fresh and modern update.

Tie-Dye Goodness

Tie Dye Amethyst Bedding
Source: etsy.com

Tie-dye has been working its way into fashion trends for a few seasons, and now it's making its mark on interior decor as well. The ‘70s-inspired trend received 267K searches on Etsy in the first three months of 2019 and it's

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Source: cb2.com

If you’re lucky enough to own a Victorian home, then we don’t need to tell you how beautiful they are. With their decorative details and vibrant hues, Victorian homes have withstood the test of time, remaining a highly coveted architectural style over the decades. And while there’s no right way to outfit a home, the distinctive style of these homes lends itself well to a similarly distinct interior aesthetic.

The modern Victorian aesthetic has been a major trend in recent years and it’s the perfect complement to a Victorian home. It combines the fundamental tenets of traditional Victorian decor with a modern twist, resulting in a dynamic, modern style that will look stunning for decades to come.

Apply the following tips to nail

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Source: chinaasc.org

The AIA Conference on Architecture in Las Vegas is a must-attend for design and architecture influencers, professionals, and enthusiasts. It features an extensive roster of seminars, workshops, and tours that provide attendees with new skills and insights. Plus, it hosts a ton of events and parties, making it easy to cultivate new connections and expand your industry network. This year the conference takes place June 6-8 and the A'19 theme is, Blueprint for a Better Future.

The more than 150 seminars run the educational gamut, covering everything from the history of the fire escape to how to grow an architecture firm. One notable seminar is Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Changing Architecture: Are You Ready? The seminar

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Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

If you’re among the many who are looking for a getaway this summer, but you’re not quite sure where to go, then let the authority on fun travel destinations guide your way. Airbnb recently released its trendiest destinations for summer travel, including the top picks for families, couples, and singles, and you’re likely to be surprised and intrigued by some of these spots.

Add one (or several) of the following destinations to your travel itinerary this summer to enjoy ‘em before they become too popular.


For a Family Retreat

Sister Bay, Door County, Wisconsin

Waterfront Studio for Rent in Sister Bay Wisconsin

Sister Bay is a sleepy village in Door County, Wisconsin that offers Green Bay beaches, abundant biking and hiking opportunities, and a ton of

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Source: architecturelab.net

Walter Gropius was a German architect and one of the pioneers of modernist architecture. In addition to his progressive designs, Gropius is famous for founding the Bauhaus School in Germany, which incited an architectural movement that connected fine art with function and practicality. He served as the school's director between 1919-1928 before Nazis closed the school for its resistance to the traditional aesthetic that Nazism favored.

Gropius began studying architecture at the technical institutes in Munich and Berlin-Charlottenburg, joining Peter Behrens architecture firm shortly after graduation. Gropius has attributed his penchant for progressive architecture to his time with Behrens, specifically when he solved

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Few experiences are more fun than seeing your favorite musician perform live on stage, but the venue where they perform can make a major impact on just how memorable it is. For a show to be as good as it can be, the venue needs to have amazing acoustics in addition to that certain 'je ne sais quoi' that only comes with a rich history of legendary performers gracing the stage.

From killer acoustics to historic charm, the following music venues are your best bet for an unforgettable show from LA to Miami.


Orange County

The Yost Theater

The Yost Theater Orange County

Constructed over a century ago in 1912, The Yost Theater is the oldest music venue in Orange County. Heavy metal bands, indie rockers, DJ masters, and all kinds of other musicians have rocked the stage,

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If you love the sleek silhouettes and affordable price points of IKEA furniture, but you hate the crazy-making assembly and lack of customizable options, then it’s time to get to know Inside Weather.

Inside Weather offers beautiful mid-century-inspired furniture that’s just as easy on your budget as it is to assemble. But perhaps the best part is that everything the brand sells is highly customizable—you can choose the hues, designs, hardware, and patterns of each piece you buy so that it perfectly aligns with your unique aesthetic and style sensibilities. Plus, every item is made and shipped from the U.S., specifically the Bay Area.

Inside Weather CEO, Ben Parsa, told Brit + Co “The impetus behind creating Inside Weather was to solve the major pain

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Source: christiangabrielart.com

One of the benefits of living in a loft-style home is that they’re typically an open, blank slate that you can decorate in a million and one different ways. But if you want to pay homage to a loft's roots, then consider incorporating industrial furniture and decor.

An industrial loft aesthetic typically includes style-infused components of factories and warehouses, such as exposed brick, concrete, metal, and wood. Light fixtures with exposed bulbs, open shelving comprised of metal and wood, and concrete accents, like planters, are all commonly found in industrial spaces.

If you’re interested in adopting this chic aesthetic, then consider adding the following pieces of furniture and decor to your loft to maximize

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