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April 2019

Found 14 blog entries for April 2019.

The warmer weather and longer days of spring are finally upon us, which means it’s prime time to get your outdoor living space in tip-top shape for the season. Outdoor spaces are often neglected in the cooler months, which can result in dated furniture, faded decor, and unsightly clutter taking up space in what could be an ultra-stylish and beautiful outdoor living situation.

If your outdoor living space could use a little refresher, then consider adding the following items to your style arsenal, which combine practical function with beautiful form.


Jai Outdoor Chair, $299 for set of two

Outdoor Weather Resistant Modern Metal Blue Chairs

The metal design of these chairs is durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions all the while adding a pop of modern color to any space they’re in.

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Archibald Quincy Jones is among the most influential modernist architects in the United States. Jones studied architecture at the University of Washington, graduating in 1936, before moving to Los Angeles to work with modernist architects like Douglas Honnold, George Vernon Russell, and Paul R. Williams.

In 1942, Jones received a commission as a lieutenant commander in the Navy and was discharged three years later in 1945. Upon his discharge, Jones returned to LA to open up his own architectural office where he honed his unique style and voice in modernism. Jones directed much of his focus on updating and refining accessible, postwar housing, emphasizing economical and sustainable building methods.

He was among the first

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This year marks a century since the Staatliches Bauhaus, commonly referred to as Bauhaus, was established. Bauhaus was a German school of the arts founded by architect Walter Gropius that sought to combine craftsmanship, like woodworking and design, with fine arts, such as painting and sculpture. The result was an entire movement, dubbed the Bauhaus movement, that focused on uniting fine art with functional design to create practical objects accessible to a wide range of people.

Essentially, the Bauhaus movement strived to level the hierarchy of the arts. No longer was the top of the hierarchy reserved for fine arts; instead, all forms of art and design were included and converged to highlight what each brings to the table

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Often simply referred to as Downtown Anaheim, the Anaheim Colony Historic District was established in 1997 and is the first and largest historic district in the city. The district’s boundaries are the same as they were when it was founded as a German colony in 1857—it’s defined as the area between North, South, East, and West streets.

The district boasts more than 1,000 qualified historic structures within its 1.8 square miles and each entrance to the neighborhood is punctuated by a unique Anaheim Colony Monument. One of the district’s most well-known attractions happens to be a cactus. The Wohlgemuth House Cactus is a massive 50-year-old, four-ton cactus that was initially planted near the 1916 Wohlgemuth House.

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There’s no better time than Earth Day to consider some ways to make your home more environmentally friendly. Not only does a green home make Mother Earth happier and healthier, but it can also save you loads of long-term money in electricity and other costs.

And don’t think you need to invest a ton of cash, time, or energy into reducing your home’s carbon footprint; there are a number of simple and inexpensive things you can do in an afternoon to reduce your home’s impact on the environment for years to come.


Get a Smart Thermostat

Smart Programmable Thermostat for Energy Efficient Home
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Many tech products like a smart thermostat, or even simply a programmable one, will regulate your home’s temperature, ensuring you’re not using more energy than you need to. All you have

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 With the global population continuing to grow and resource consumption at an all-time high, we’re putting a great deal of stress on Mother Earth, which is leading to very real consequences. The good news is, there’s a lot that each of us can do to reduce our carbon footprint and work to create a healthier planet, and more and more people are looking to their homes to help. In fact, most Modern+Contemporary architecture incorporates eco-friendly designs, recycled materials, and advanced technology to create energy-efficient homes that reduce the impact on our environment.

In honor of Earth Day coming up on Monday, April 22nd, we’re featuring some of the most beautiful homes that combine stunning style with eco-friendly designs.



Ecocapsule House Green Home Design

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Source: dailycal.org

Dating back to 1966, the Berkeley, California neighborhood colloquially called the Gourmet Ghetto is thought to be the birthplace of many popular food and drink movements, like farm-to-table restaurants, locally-sourced ingredients, and specialty coffee.

The foundational vibe of this culinary destination on Shattuck Avenue and Vine Street is largely attributed to specialty food and drink businesses that opened in the area in the 1960s, such as Chez Panisse, The Cheese Board Collective, and Peet’s Coffee. With their focus on local ingredients, sustainable practices, and organic offerings, these businesses were a stark deviation from a ‘60s culture overrun by fast food and boxed mac and cheese.

People increasingly flocked to

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It’s no secret that Frank Lloyd Wright is among the most prominent and influential architects in the world, but did you know that you can buy a whole line of Wright-inspired home decor on Amazon?

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has plans to roll out home decor and furniture in retail stores across the country in 2020, but it currently offers a bunch of home decor items from its collection on Amazon. The foundation’s CEO, Stuart Graff, said of the collection: “I think in the past, the focus was on serving the museum shops and serving Frank Lloyd Wright sites by creating souvenirs and memorabilia. What we're looking at now is how relevant he is to contemporary living.”

With its stained glass influences and sleek,

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Nestled in Pasadena, California, Bungalow Heaven is an idyllic, century-old neighborhood that received its name for the more than 800 bungalow homes it hosts. Most of the homes it features were built between 1905 and 1925 when people in the U.S. were moving away from fanciful Victorian architecture in favor of the more affordable and practical homes offered by the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Single Story Bungalow in Bungalow Heaven Pasadena
Source: latimes.com

California’s warm climate and economic potential led many Americans to make their way west where they could purchase brand new bungalow homes for $2,500, or less if they opted to build it themselves from one of the many available kits. One of the makers of bungalow build kits, Ready-Cut Bungalow Company,

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Source: West Elm's Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg Planters

From purifying the air you breathe to adding movement and intrigue to your aesthetic, there are boundless benefits to adding botanicals to your interior. And even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, there are options like succulents and air plants that allow you to reap all of the botanical benefits without the added maintenance.

That said, you can’t showcase your plant friends without a proper vessel. The following the pots and planters will ensure you give your botanicals the presentation they deserve all the while enhancing your space’s overall style.

Lekha Footed Mini Planter, $12

Urban Outfitters Mini Planter with Black and White Stripes

With its sweet feet and black-and-white stripes, this mini planter is a playful addition to any

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