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February 2019

Found 13 blog entries for February 2019.

Source: Pizzeria Mozza

No matter the occasion, the deliciousness of a hot, cheesy slice of pizza is tough to beat. But as any pizza enthusiast knows, not all pies are created equal. For a killer slice, you need exactly the right cheese-to-sauce ratio, fresh and abundant toppings, and the perfect thickness of fluffy dough. And while most pizza joints claim to have nailed all of these factors, only a few have the goods to back it up.

In honor of National Pizza Day on Saturday, here are our picks for the best pizza joints from Miami to the Bay Area.


Ironside Kitchen

Ironside Kitchen Miami Pizza Joint

Ironside Kitchen is all about Italian authenticity. Staying true to Neapolitan pizza tradition, it cooks all of its pies on a wood-fired oven with 00 flour, tomato San

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Source: dwell.com

Small-space living is becoming increasingly popular. In part because many people are opting for a more sustainable and minimal lifestyle, and because a lot of us are dwelling in cities where the average price per square foot is nothing short of astronomical. Regardless of one’s reasoning for living in small abodes, styling and organizing tiny nests can be a challenge—but certainly not an insurmountable one.

The following Instahouses are as chic and stylish as they are tiny, and they provide a lot of organizational and style inspiration no matter the square footage you’re working with.

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Source: homedit.com

Mediterranean architecture gained prominence in North America during the early- to mid-20th century. Initially, the architectural style largely mirrored that of the haciendas found in the Spanish New World, featuring abundant arches, rough plaster, and red-tiled roofs. States with rich Spanish histories, like California and Florida, saw a large influx of this style beginning in the 1920s.

Eventually, influences from other European countries, such as Italy, Greece, and France, began to crop up on these homes. These influences combined to create the Mediterranean architecture we see today, which often features composites of European styles, like porticos, stucco, and balconies. The style’s popularity in the U.S. is showcased in the

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