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January 2019

Found 13 blog entries for January 2019.

Source: modernismweek.com

If you love the clean lines and airy silhouettes of mid-century modern architecture and design, then you should most definitely have Modernism Week on your radar. The annual Palm Springs festival features more than 350 events that celebrate mid-century design within the context of education, preservation, and sustainability.

Modernism Week 2019 Palm Springs
Source: modernismweek.com

The Cree House Designed By Albert Frey
Source: modernismweek.com

The festival boasts all manner of events to help you engage with this timeless design aesthetic, such as The Forgotten Frey: The Cree House where you can be among the first to explore one of the two most intact residences by famed architect Albert Frey. The hilltop home was built in 1955 and features many of the defining characteristics of Frey

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Source: fortune.com 

Formerly reserved for The Jetson’s and Silicon Valley elite, high-tech products for the home are becoming increasingly popular and accessible. These days, the common home is getting smarter and smarter, with devices that can take on the mundane tasks that are major time and energy sucks for us humans. And not only do smart home devices make our lives easier, but they also make us safer—providing the sort of affordable (and cool) security that people of decades’ past never thought possible.

If you’re looking for ways to free up time, save energy, and feel more secure, consider investing in one (or five) of the following ingenious smart home devices.

Skybell HD ($299)

Skybell HD Smart Video Doorbell

This magical little device is the doorbell from the

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Source: jamiebush.com

Jamie Bush grew up in Long Island, New York, in what he describes as "an eclectic family of dairy farmers." His close proximity to Manhattan introduced him to the work of influential designers, photographers, and artists, inspiring him to pursue art and architecture. Bush went studied design in Venice, Italy and New Orleans, ultimately obtaining a master’s in architecture from Tulane University. Upon graduation, Bush ventured west to Los Angeles, where he worked at Marmol Radziner and Kelly Wearstler before founding his own interior architecture and design firm in 2002.

Bush has collaborated with many prominent architects, including Steven Ehrlich, David Hertz, and Barbara Bestor, which makes sense considering his keen ability

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If you want to stay on the pulse of the newest, chicest, and trendiest in interior design, then you most definitely need to check out the Las Vegas Market. This five-day event showcases everything from custom furniture to artisan home decor from familiar and unexpected brands in a massive shopping environment, making it a one-stop-shop for designers, influencers, and retailers to get all the goodies and inspiration they need for the new year. This year the event begins January 27 and runs through January 31, 2019.

The market’s campus neatly categorizes the more than 4,000 brands it showcases to make it easy to find anything and everything. Some of the categories include Furniture, Home Decor, Gifts, Handmade, Lighting, Hospitality, and Seasonal.

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Whether you feel stuck with an outdated design or you’ve simply grown tired of your current aesthetic and need a refresher, there are a million reasons to update your kitchen design. This high-traffic area tends to become stale and rundown rather quickly, which is a shame given how much time most of us spend in there.

Fortunately, updating and modernizing your kitchen aesthetic is actually quite simple and affordable; you just need to know where to look and what to do. The following tips are cheap, easy to apply, and will have you falling in love with your kitchen anew.

Replace Your Hardware

Trendy Brass Gold Kitchen Hardware
Source: decorpad.com

One of the simplest, most affordable ways to completely transform your kitchen is to update its hardware. If you’re currently rocking

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The Sundance Film Festival takes place every winter in Utah, bringing together some of the best new filmmakers and storytellers in the world who showcase their stories to an eager, and often elite, audience. The annual program has taken place since 1985 and helps launch the careers of diverse and talented filmmakers, as well as provides worldwide recognition for some of the globe’s most important stories. This year, the event lasts for 10 days, January 24 - February 3, and welcomes more than 124,000 attendees across three locations: Park City, Salt Lake City, and the Sundance Mountain Resort. 

Sundance Film Festival Main StreetSundance Film Festival

The Sundance competition showcases dramatic and documentary features and shorts; series and episodic content; and New Frontier, which features emerging media

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During the darker, shorter days of the winter months, many people start to get a little cabin fever around this time of year. Fortunately for those of us living in (or visiting) the warmer climates of California and Florida, there are plenty of opportunities to break out of the house, see some sights, and breathe in fresh air. And there might be no better way to do that than with a refreshing winter hike.

The following destinations are the perfect places to combat the winter blues and enjoy the great outdoors (without freezing your butt off), no matter your hiking skill or experience level.

Florida Hiking Trails

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park Hiking Trails
Source: visittheusa.com

It’s tough to talk about great Florida hikes without mentioning the natural

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Source: homeyohmy.com

Whether you’ve been inspired by Marie Kondo’s highly bingeable Tidying Up show on Netflix or you’ve simply resolved to have a cleaner, more organized abode in 2019, there are plenty of reasons to purge your home’s chaos-inducing clutter. However, wanting to declutter and actually decluttering are two very different things.

For a lot of us, the thought of finally sitting down to clean and minimize can feel nothing short of overwhelming, but it’s actually a lot simpler and easier than you might think. The following tips to declutter your nest are designed to make the whole process much less intimidating.

Make a List

Organization Lists To Do Lists
Source: unsplash.com

When you don’t have a to-do list, it’s easy to look around your space and feel

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Source: bonestructure.ca

Modern and contemporary are words that are often used interchangeably, but when it comes to architecture, they mean distinctly different things. Modern architecture refers to the prominent architectural style that developed during the mid-20th century made popular by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. Contemporary architecture, on the other hand, refers to present-day architecture, often encompassing various styles from a variety of influences. 

Because contemporary architecture essentially means architecture that’s of the now, the way it looks evolves with time i.e. contemporary architecture of today is likely to look different than contemporary architecture in the year 3000. Today, it’s tough to pinpoint a precise

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Source: sftravel.com

Aptly named, the North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco actually used to be a beach after being filled in with a landfill around the late 19th century. The newly-established shoreline brought abundant fishing wharves and docks to the area. These docks provided access for the swarms of people headed to California for the 1849 Gold Rush, resulting in the southern half of the neighborhood becoming home to the infamous Barbary Coast.

In 1906, a massive earthquake struck the coast of Northern California, bringing devastating fires to the region that lasted for days. Reconstruction efforts began almost immediately, and not long after the storm, an influx of Italian immigrants moved to the neighborhood. These immigrants had, and

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