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October 2018

Found 14 blog entries for October 2018.

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Founded in 1886, the Los Angeles neighborhood of Angelino Heights is equally rich in history and beautiful architecture. The neighborhood is located atop a 502-foot hill and falls within Echo Park and Chinatown proper.

Formerly spelled Angeleno Heights, this neighborhood boasts the second-oldest district in Los Angeles, with Downtown being the first. It’s also the first City of Los Angeles-recognized historic district, established in 1983, which means unsympathetic remodeling of historic houses in the ‘hood is prohibited and all new construction must resemble the neighborhood’s original architecture in material, scale, and massing.

The neighborhood’s founders, William W. Stilson and Everett E. Hall, capitalized on its

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If you’re looking for compelling ways to refresh your interior, you’re in luck! With winter just around the corner, there are quite a few new interior design trends coming with it, providing the perfect inspiration for updating your space for a new season. And the beauty of these trends is that they’re highly adaptable, so they can be applied to virtually any aesthetic.

From warm neutrals that increase your home’s coziness factor to sumptuous curved couches that invite you to relax the day away, the following trends are sure to make your home happier and more inspired this winter.

Vintage Scandinavian

Scandinavian Design Trend Ideas

The chic, minimal vibe of the Scandinavian design trend that’s had so much traction in recent seasons is

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When you think of Victorian Style architecture, a distinctive, dollhouse-like style may come to mind, but the Victorian movement actually encompasses many different architectural styles. The name “Victorian” stems from the time period when Queen Victoria reigned supreme, from 1837 to 1901. This more than 50-year period resulted in many popular styles, including Gothic Revival, Second Empire, Italianate, Queen Anne, and Romanesque, all of which fall under the Victorian umbrella.

Gothic architecture had a major influence on Victorian styles, as many adopted the Gothic notion of ornate, imposing designs that favored beauty over function. In addition to a Gothic influence, Victorian styles also incorporated French, Italian, and

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There are a million and one ways to celebrate Halloween but few are as fun and magnificent as the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. Each year since 1987, WeHo hosts this extravaganza on Halloween night.

What Happens at the Event?

What, exactly, you’ll find at the event varies from year to year, but you can definitely expect to discover jaw-dropping costumes; multiple stages featuring live music, DJs, and performing arts shows; bar specials aplenty; and a whole bunch of contests to win awesome prizes. Past performances include Boy George and a Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute with Tim Curry.

It should be noted that the event discourages children and pups from attending due to the big crowds and scantily-clad

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Whether you’re concerned about the state of Mother Earth or you simply want to save some money, opting to increase the sustainability of your home brings many benefits. At first thought, though, the prospect of creating a more eco-friendly home might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually quite easy.

To reduce your home’s carbon footprint, all you need is a little time, consideration, and knowledge. The following tips are simple to apply, and they’ll leave you with more money in your pocket and less weight on your conscience.

Cut the Paper Towels

Crate and Barrel Terry Dish Towels

If you’re like so many of us who rely on paper towels for pretty much everything, consider swapping ‘em out for reusable dish towels. Not only do they reduce waste and clean

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Don’t let his young age fool you, Ryan Korban is as accomplished as he is talented. After graduating from The New School in New York, Korban embarked on an interior design career. And while he doesn’t have any formal training under his belt, by his early 30s he boasts an impressive clientele of elite designers and celebrities, including Alexander Wang, Debra Messing, and Kanye West.

When you see his keen eye for design, it becomes clear why it’s so coveted. His aesthetic mixes elements of high-end luxury, old-world romance, and urban cool to create polished, uncluttered interiors rich in dynamic layers and visual intrigue. His design footprint also typically entails statement-making elements, like a perfectly

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The first European settlement in California, Old Town San Diego dates back to 1769 when a Catholic priest, Father Junipero Serra, founded a Spanish mission there. By the 1860s, though, the majority of settlers moved to what’s now known as Gaslamp Quarter, leaving Old Town behind to be closer to the water and all of the goods and services water access brings.

These days, taking a trip to Old Town is to journey back in time. The charming neighborhood is rife with historic architecture, shops that sell Mexican-inspired artisan goods, and a bevy of free museums celebrating the region’s history. Not to mention a haunted house or two. If you’re looking to make the most of your visit to Old Town, check out our favorite things

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Transitioning from warm months to cooler ones often involves a fair amount of swapping, storing, and rearranging. To make these changes in a polished and effective way, you need to have a bit of organization prowess, which Instagram provides in high supply.

The following Instagram accounts are as informative as they are beautiful, offering a wide range of organizational tips, tricks, and hacks you can apply to make your home more inspiring and exhale-worthy. Even if you’re not in the mood to organize, though, these accounts are still worth a follow; there’s just something oh so satisfying about seeing everything in its proper place, especially when there’s a great photographer behind it.


This beautifully curated account offers all

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History of the Loft

The term “loft” initially referred to upper-level storage spaces, most commonly found in industrial buildings and warehouses. These days, though, when many people think of the term loft, a highly sought-after style of urban home comes to mind.

Starting in the 1950s and ‘60s, U.S. manufacturing began to move overseas, leaving an increasing number of abandoned warehouses and industrial buildings in its wake, particularly in New York City. Many artists capitalized on these abandoned spaces, seeing an opportunity to live affordably in an expansive home within New York City limits. And, because artists always seem to lead the charge on what become popular trends, many non-artists began to see the cool appeal of these spaces too.

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In the digital era we live in, pretty much everything we need can be found on our phones, including music. And while the convenience of having the world’s catalog of music right in our pockets can’t be overestimated, the rich, authentic sounds that come from a good ol’ fashioned vinyl are unparalleled.

Evidently, we’re far from the only ones who appreciate the sound that only vinyl can bring. There are quite a few thriving record shops in Southern California, the Desert, the Bay Area, Miami, Palm Beach and beyond that are beloved for their rare merch and nostalgic feel. If you’re in the mood to give your phone a rest for a bit, head to one of the following shops to add one (or five) vinyls to your collection.

San Diego

Folk Arts Rare Records

Folk Arts Rare Records San Diego Record Store

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