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August 2018

Found 13 blog entries for August 2018.

Image source: perchplans.com

The term “farmhouse” is thrown around a lot in reference to architecture, but many people don’t realize that it doesn’t actually describe one particular style. In fact, original farmhouses were constructed in the 1700s and varied quite a bit from one another. Rather than distinct characteristics, authentic farmhouses were virtually any homes built on a farm, often by the owner. They were functional houses designed to make a farming lifestyle easier and were constructed with whatever materials were available -- typically mud and logs initially, then brick and stone as railroads made additional supplies more accessible.

These days, though, if you’re looking at a home that’s pegged as a farmhouse design, you’re more than

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Miami is well-known for its equally bustling beach and nightlife, rife with flashy clothes, kitschy design, and an endless stream of tourists popping in for special occasions, like Art Basel, New Year’s Eve, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. And while that’s all good and well, some people—namely developer Craig Robins and his real estate company, Dacra—are aiming to take the city to new cultural heights, particularly in the Design District.

The Miami Design District looks much different than the traditional Miami described above. Thanks to around ten years of pointed development from Robins, an increasing number of properties in this district have transformed from low-rise, largely abandoned warehouses into

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Designing and curating an interior is often equal parts exciting and overwhelming. On the one hand, creating a space that’s reflective of you and your style sensibility is a fun prospect that's full of potential. On the other hand, the infinite range of furniture, decor, and aesthetic options can make the task seem nothing short of impossible.

Thankfully, the digital world we live in provides plenty of help on the design front. A lot of people turn to Pinterest when they’re looking for decor ideas, which is a great option, but Instagram might be even better. Rather than present you with thousands of photos based on a keyword or two, Instagram allows you to really dig deep into styles and aesthetics by following

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If you’ve spent any time in Portland, then you know that it’s overflowing with delicious bites from every type of cuisine you can imagine. But few meals are as fresh, flavorful, and all around delicious as those at farm-to-table restaurants.

Dining at a farm-to-table restaurant means that your meal was sourced locally, with seasonal ingredients at peak flavor, and more often than not, organically-produced. That means that not only is your dinner going to be more tasty, but it also supports the local farmers and producers in your community. And, fortunately for Portland residents, the city is full of unforgettable farm-to-table options and we’ve listed 10 of the best for you to enjoy.


Beast Restaurant in Portland Oregon

Offering two seatings per night, at 6 and 8:45 pm,

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Minimalism has seen a major resurgence in recent years, with more and more people opting for the exhale-inducing feel of pared-back interiors. And its continued popularity makes sense: as the world outside feels increasingly chaotic, there’s simply no better feeling than coming home to the calm and peaceful vibe of a simplified interior.

However, like most good things in life, adopting this aesthetic does come with its challenges. One of the biggest obstacles minimalists face is designing an interior that’s calm and peaceful without sacrificing the life and personality that makes a house a home. Fortunately, it’s actually pretty simple to add personality to your look without compromising its minimal feel,

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Image source: archdaily.com

Born in Finland and raised in the U.S., Eero Saarinen, whose birthday is this month on August 20th, merged rationalism, neo-futurism, and modernism to create iconic architectural and furniture designs.

Saarinen’s talent for design comes as no surprise given that he’s the son of renowned Finnish architect, Eliel Saarinen, and sculptor and textile artist, Loja Saarinen. Growing up with design in his blood, Saarinen eventually found himself at Cranbook Academy of Art where his father was a professor as well as the school’s designer. At Cranbook, Saarinen met fellow designer, Charles Eames. The duo collaborated on numerous furniture designs, the most famous of which was their series of molded plywood chairs which won them the

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Featured Sea Ranch Home for Sale: Condominium One | Image source: sonomamag.com

With fewer than 900 permanent residents, Sea Ranch is a quaint, idyllic, and unincorporated planned community that’s only about 50 years old. Its exceedingly peaceful and quiet vibe, complete with expansive oceanic views, lush trees, and craggy cliffs, is the perfect locale for a vacation retreat or a retirement home.

Sea Ranch Architecture & Development

sea ranch home
Image source: nytimes.com

Sea Ranch was founded by Oceanic Properties with Bay Area landscape architect, Lawrence Halprin, being largely responsible for the highly-curated yet calm feel of the community. Halprin, along with four other architects, set the parameters for all of Sea Ranch’s homes’ exteriors, starting

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Anyone who’s been tasked with decorating an interior knows all too well the challenge that a blank wall presents. All of that empty space can be intimidating: you want it to be visually compelling without overwhelming the space, you want to be sure it fits seamlessly with your aesthetic, and you also want it to be something you love to look at that’s reflective of your personality.

Checking off all of those boxes can feel like a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. The following ideas are a cinch to integrate and they’re incredibly easy to adapt to any look, no matter your unique style sensibility.

Add Some Ledges

Ledges are a simple and easy way to display your favorite photos and artwork, and they tend to be a bit more intriguing and

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Craftsman Style Architecture History

Around the turn of the 20th century, architect and design enthusiasts began to move away from the machine-made, traditional designs that sprouted up during the Industrial Revolution toward a more natural, down-home aesthetic. This reaction was dubbed the Arts and Crafts movement and started in England before making its way over to the United States.

Arts and Crafts subscribers believed that a more functional aesthetic, featuring natural materials and a greater degree of craftsmanship, would result in a more comfortable lifestyle. The unpretentious houses that were constructed from this philosophical shift were aptly named Craftsman homes. Nearly all Craftsman-style homes

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Image source: austinchronicle.com

When many people think about going out in Austin, the infamous and ever-bustling Sixth Street often comes to mind AKA “Dirty Sixth”. And, given that the street is blocked off every weekend to let bar crawlers roam freely, that’s no surprise. However, many Austin locals have moved on from seeking entertainment in the tourist trap that Sixth Street has become in favor of the whimsical and charming vibe of Rainey Street.

The Rainey Street neighborhood is truly unlike any other, due in large part to how much it’s transformed in just a few years. Before it became the unique day-and-night bar destination that it is today, it was a largely forgotten wasteland on the border of Lady Bird Lake.


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