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June 2018

Found 12 blog entries for June 2018.

Colonial-style homes made their American debut in the 1600’s and remained popular through the 1800’s. Most evolved from the original American Colonial-style favored by the British when they settled here, importing their English style architecture with them. Despite the Colonial’s British roots, as people from other parts of Europe moved to America, they brought their own distinctive architectural style, too. The American Colonial evolved, and its style redefined and reflected the changing multi-cultural population. Just as there were 13 original colonies, there are just as many Colonial architectural styles. Today, many versions of Colonials are found around the country, including: American, first period English, Georgian, French, Early Classic Revival,

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The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, but the first fireworks to commemorate the event were displayed one year later. That’s when the real holiday began, and it’s all thanks to John Adams’ visions for “Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.”

With so many 4th of July Fireworks shows to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to find the one that’s right for you. Here are our picks from some of our favorite nook neighborhoods.

San Francisco

    • The San Francisco Art Institute, which houses iconic murals by Diego Rivera, also provides a home for you to enjoy the local fireworks show - on the roof terrace of this private art college. 

Los Angeles

  • Dodger Stadium
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If you’re going to throw a 4th of July Party, there’s a lot of competition. It isn’t enough to just throw up some flags and grill some hot dogs, oh no; now that we have Pinterest for holiday inspiration, there’s no end to the ways you can celebrate the 4th of July in style. Luckily, there are also some great, themed ways to make sure that your 4th of July Party is the party that everyone wants to attend. Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • Greet your guests with Patriotic Punch (featured above) - layer a little Powerade and Cranberry juice into mason jars or milk bottles, and set them out to really snazz up your snack table. Head over to Natural Beach Living to get the step-by-step directions.


  • We love these candy rockets suggested by
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Images courtesy of NateBerkus.com

If you were an Oprah fan, or binge on HGTV and design magazines, then you know Nate Berkus. An international home décor style-icon and a major influencer in the contemporary lifestyle space, Berkus is a star among stars. So, how did he reach this such status and capture hearts across the world?

Early Style

Berkus’ design roots run deep. His mother, Nancy Golden is a skilled designer who appears on HGTV and DIY networks. Design was always Berkus’ passion, too. After high school, Berkus lived in Paris interning for French fashion designer, Dominique Aurientis, which fostered his appreciation of fine design. Later he launched into his design career.

Pivotal Style Moments

An interior designer in Chicago since

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Photos and map courtesy of Racquet Club Estates Neighborhood Organization

The History of Racquet Club Estates

The crown jewel of Palm Springs in its glory days was The Racquet Club. Built in 1934 by actors Charlie Farrell and Ralph Bellamy, it was a resort where A-list Hollywood celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Marilyn Monroe came to play tennis, socialize poolside while enjoying the privacy Palm Springs offered in a glamorous low-key setting. While The Racquet Club is history, you can find that vibe today, minus the celebs, in the surrounding Racquet Club Estates neighborhood.

Racquet Club Estates is an in-demand, Mid-Century Modern Palm Springs neighborhood, with a tight-knit community of owners - the Racquet Club Estates

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The Mid-Century Modern style is one of our favorites. Why? It's an iconic style centered around bringing the outside in, and eliminating the walls between your living and outdoor spaces. So, it’s no wonder that the Mid-Century Modern backyard has become a key piece of Mid-Century design. As you prepare for summer with this year's latest interior design trends, be sure to check out our tips for designing and furnishing your Mid-Century Modern backyard.

    • There's nothing easier to complement your interior seats and provide a comfortable seat outside than butterfly chairs, and you can find them in all colors and price ranges to fit your needs. You can even make your own vintage butterfly chairs with just a little effort.

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Image Source Basekino.co

Mid-Century Modern Architecture

AKA: Modernist architecture, modern architecture

Many factors went into the development and popularity of the style we now call Mid-Century Modern. Mid-Century homes were generally built between 1945-1969, and when a post-war country yearned for simplicity, open air, and a place to raise a family, the Mid-Century Modern design gave them all they desired and more. These homes could be built with more inexpensive materials and thus were affordable for WWII vets, many of whom found themselves entering the laymen’s workforce for the first time. While we often associate Mid-Century Modern with interior design and furniture, the term reflects a major architectural style as well. Here are the key

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The Barbershop Comeback

The local barbershop has historically been a place of camaraderie: one to meet, play chess, talk, and of course to groom. But, when big chains came in during the 80's ad 90's offering quick and cheap cuts, barbershops as we knew them began to fade. In recent years, however, we're seeing barbershops start to spring up everywhere. Some might consider this to be just another hipster trend, but judging by their surge in popularity, it's pretty clear that the modern barbershop is filling a much-needed void.

In fact, the barbershop is more like a sanctuary than just a haircut joint - with perks and entertainment that make it a destination where men actually want to spend their time. So, even if you or dad don't necessarily need a

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It’s almost officially summer, so now's the time to make sure your home has the latest looks for the season. From fun color treatments to old-trends-made-new, here are some ideas for bringing the summertime right into your interior design.

    • Try removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper is an easy and flexible way to spice up a room. If you haven't heard of this before, it's just what it sounds like - wallpaper that you can install and remove whenever you want, sans the trouble of regular wallpaper. Rhiannon Gillis of Amber & Honey Design Company even created a go-to list of the best kinds of removable wallpaper for your next project.

    • Sweeten a room with ice cream colors. What's better than ice cream on a summer day? House
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Photograph by Cliff May; Cliff May Collection, Architecture and Design Collection, University of California, Santa Barbara © UC Regents // Source: http://www.pacificstandardtime.org

The resurgence of the Ranch style can be attributed to two kinds of people: young professionals who saw a stylish home they could afford, and retirees who adored the open layout and single story living. No wonder in the late 90s, a forgotten and almost stepchild neighborhood of Long Beach saw a revitalization like never before: The Cliff May Rancho's of Lakewood Rancho Estates suddenly became the hot place to buy. And, with its unique style and accessibility, it continues to be a highly sought-after neighborhood today. 

A Brief History of "The Rancho's"

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