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Julius Shulman photographing Case Study House no. 22, West Hollywood, 1960. Julius Shulman photography archive. The Getty Research Institute, 2004.R.10 // Image Source: casualoptimist.wordpress.com

Julius Shulman is among the most iconic architectural photographers to date. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Los Angeles, Shulman attended UCLA and University of California - Berkeley where he honed his photography skills and earned extra money by selling his photographs to fellow students.

In 1936, Shulman was enlisted by a friend to work for architect, Richard Neutra. When Shulman showed Neutra one of his photographs of the Neutra-designed Kun Residence in LA, Neutra recruited him to take more architectural photos, ultimately launching Shulman’s career.

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Image source: wheretraveler.com

When a lot of people think of Palm Beach, the term “retiree" typically comes to mind before “hipster”. And while Palm Beach still holds onto elements of a retirement-friendly culture, there’s also a growing hipster scene that’s bringing a slew of trendy restaurants, late-night bars, and art galleries along with it.

Whether you’re completely averse to the term “hipster” or you secretly identify as one, you’re sure to find a good time at the following Palm Beach indie treasures.


grilled cheese gallery palm beach

Image source: facebook.com/GrilledCheeseGallery


Most Palm Beach residents are familiar with imoto’s sister restaurant, Buccan, but the lesser-known imoto, with its lack of signage and unique Japanese speakeasy vibe is a

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Image Source: freshome.com

The guest room is an often overlooked but incredibly important room in a home. It’s easy to use it as a sort of storage space for the things you no longer like or need, but when it’s given just a little love and attention, it can really make the difference in your visitors’ stay and overall comfort. Not to mention, it’ll really impress people with your killer hosting skills.

The following items will transform your guest room into an ultra inviting oasis for loved ones, and look great doing it.

Clear Glass Carafe ($24.95)

crate & barrel clear glass carafe

No one likes to bump around in someone else’s house in the middle of the night to find water. With a carafe like this one on the nightstand, your guests won’t have to.

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Image source: thisisinsider.com

Art Deco Style Architecture

Art Deco, AKA style moderne or, simply, “Deco", sprouted up in the 1920s before becoming wildly popular in the United States and Europe in the 1930s. First exhibited in Paris at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes in 1925, the luxurious materials and fine craftsmanship created ornamental Art Deco homes, buildings, and decor embellished with everything from chevrons and ziggurats to floral and sunrise patterns.

The unique approach combined style adaptations, like Cubism and Fauvism, with global influences from such places as China, India, and ancient Egypt, to create a style that was uniquely modern (at the time) and historic. The materials used were

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Named after Irish philosopher, George Berkeley in 1866, Berkeley, California has a reputation for being a free-spirited college town with a hippie-infused feel. And there’s good reason for that: The city has a rich history of social activism, most prominently in 1964 when the University of California - Berkeley banned political literature, sparking a massive protest by students that would later be dubbed the Free Speech Movement. Shortly thereafter, the Vietnam War ensued, inviting much opposition from Berkeley students and residents who continued the city’s history of protest by regularly protesting the war and its activities.

Fast forward to today and you still see a city with a healthy level of student activism and a free-spirited culture, but

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Image source: styledwithlace.com | @kimk.styledwithlace

Whether you’re reveling in the summer heat and hoping it’ll never end or you simply can’t wait for sweater season and pumpkin spice lattes, the fact remains: fall is just around the corner. And just as you transition your wardrobe from season to season, it’s a good idea to give your space the same treatment.

Of course, knowing you want to create a seasonal transition in your space is different than knowing how to do it. Turns out, it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. The following ideas are straightforward, affordable, and will instantly give you and your home a happy and cozy fall feeling, even if you’re clinging to summer with all your might.

Swap Your Throws

chunky knit throw blanket for fall


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Image source: architecturaldigest.com

With no formal design schooling and a taste for the eclectic, Ken Fulk has become the go-to designer for the wealthy elite, like billionaire Mark Pincus and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. Fulk grew up in a small town in Virginia before moving to San Francisco over two decades ago. Despite his English and history degrees from the University of Mary Washington, Fulk pursued design from a young age and he’s left his mark on many spaces large and small, from hotels and restaurants to residential houses and lofts.

Fulk’s style is particularly unique in that it’s not very clearly defined; instead, it moves and evolves based on his clients’ personalities and his inspiration of the moment. One thing all of his spaces have

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Image source: cocolapinedesign.com

A lot of us aren’t working with quite as much square footage as we’d like, resulting in homes that look and feel cramped and crowded. And that problem becomes worse the longer we settle into a space and the more stuff we accrue.

The good news is, you don’t need to invest in a brand new place to solve this problem; there are a number of simple and easy tricks you can apply to give the illusion of more space and make your home feel much more expansive and inviting.

Mirror Magic

large floor mirror design

Mirrors are one of the easiest and most effective ways to create more visual space. And, typically, the larger the mirror, the more visual space it’ll create. If you don’t have room for a large floor mirror like this one from 100

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Image source: perchplans.com

History of the Farmhouse Style Home

The term “farmhouse” is thrown around a lot in reference to architecture, but many people don’t realize that it doesn’t actually describe one particular style. In fact, original farmhouses were constructed in the 1700s and varied quite a bit from one another. Rather than distinct characteristics, authentic farmhouses were virtually any homes built on a farm, often by the owner. They were functional houses designed to make a farming lifestyle easier and were constructed with whatever materials were available -- typically mud and logs initially, then brick and stone as railroads made additional supplies more accessible.

These days, though, if you’re looking at a home that’s pegged as

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Image credit: @Fulatronik via Twenty20

Miami is well-known for its equally bustling beach and nightlife, rife with flashy clothes, kitschy design, and an endless stream of tourists popping in for special occasions, like Art Basel, New Year’s Eve, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. And while that’s all good and well, some people—namely developer Craig Robins and his real estate company, Dacra—are aiming to take the city to new cultural heights, particularly in the Design District.

The Miami Design District looks much different than the traditional Miami described above. Thanks to around ten years of pointed development from Robins, an increasing number of properties in this district have transformed from low-rise, largely abandoned warehouses into

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